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Years  to the Day 

can  a  friendship  survive  a  friendship


Two 40-something men, who have been friends for decades but only cursorily in touch via social media over the past four years, finally get together for coffee. But their long anticipated “face to face” meeting reaps surprising consequences now that truthful and dramatic changes in each of their lives are revealed. Can this long time relationship survive?   

Directed by Sophie Papadopoulos

Written by Allen Barton

Translated by Kimon Fioretos

Performed by Fanis Pavlopoulos & Kimon Fioretos.


Limited Engagement Due to Popular Demand



October 19 - November 11, 2018

Friday - Saturday at 21:00

Sunday at 20:30  (On Sundays meet the Cast & Director)

At the Michael Cacoyianni Foundation - 'Black Box'


Limited Engagement

 January 15 - February 27, 2018

Monday - Tuesdays at 21:00

At the Michael Cacoyianni Foundation - 'Black Box'


Set & Wardrobe design - Maria Karapouliou

Light Design - Panos Golfis

Sound Design - Lefteris Dasklatonakis

Photographer/Trailer - Patroklos Skafidas

Directors Assistant - Erato Aggouraki (1st Production) Meni Konstantinidou (2nd Production)

Promotion & Communication Office  We Will - Vasso Sotiriou

Production Company - iWa Theater & Film Productions  

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