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On-going Master Classes & Workshops at the Michael Cacoyianni Foundation since 2011

Registration begins T.B.A


Master Class 

Intensive training in acting with main tools the study and performance of Scenes, On-Camera Audition & Cold Reading, On-Camera Monologue, Voice & Dialect (American English) from Film & TV scripts. The students are instructed through the unique, down-to-earth, non-theoretical three pronged Approach : Acting, Attitude, and Administration.

Scene Study - Acting Technique

Scene Study Classes train each actor in real-person-place, behavior-oriented, moment-to-moment acting work in the tradition of the great American actors. Exercises are kept at a minimum so the Actor can concentrate on discipline, research, high-quality scenes from good scripts whether from films or television. Rather than emphasizing any one technique or school of acting thought -such as Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Strasberg “sense memory” etc, the Approach utilizes a down-to-earth appeal which has been developed over 40 years by Milton Katselas. For instance;


  • What events are associated with this story?

  • What is the specific nature of this character?

  • What happened to them before the scene?

  • What would a real person do in this given circumstances?


Different actors have different ways of tackling the craft of acting, and by teaching over 20 different concepts, ideas and techniques that actors can learn and utilize to master whatever challenges faces them, whether from the nature of the role or the nature of the project. The result is an actor who can deliver a rich, believable performance no matter the circumstances, from film shoots and television where there is little or no rehearsal,  to the very audition that gets these jobs.

On-Camera Auditioning and Cold Reading

The Audition and Cold Reading sessions during the Master Class will develop your skills and you will become more confident in your ability to think spontaneously and perform under any circumstance.

On-Camera Monologues (Show reels)

As you become more familiar with your acting technique in the Master Class and are comfortable in front of a camera and understand the text you will put your acting on camera with a monologue of your choice.  From stage to film acting - the two industries are different and have a different process that you must be familiar with.

Voice & Dialect - American English

During the Master Class we speak, train and perform in English.  This process of enunciating, pronouncing and projecting is one of the most important skill for actors to know.  Your voice, dialect and accent reduction will help adjust your voice to better fit the characters you are playing.  

The Business of Acting - Career 

During the Master Class we will discuss the importance of an actors Administration and how to navigate their career ; from preparing their 'package' to applying realistic goals, creating a network for opportunities and to finding ways to incorporate the challenges of an acting career into their busy lives.   

To Apply 

The Master Class is for professional actors who have finished acting school and students in acting schools or who have more professional experience and who want to experiment and expand their craft with further training and experience. In addition, if you are a working  - professional with credits in film, tv or theater but have not gone to acting school, please apply because each case will be examined separately.

Due to limited places, you are required to apply be sending your resume & headshot for consideration to The next step would be a brief Zoom interview before your application is finalized.


The teaching language will be English with clarifications in Greek, if needed. Your English should be at conversational level. (Auditing is allowed for directors, writers, producers, and actors).


Certificate of Participation upon completion.

The course dates T.B.A 

Cost of Master Class

Participation fee: 300 euros (2 installments) + 20 euros for Kindle Digital Books (purchased by the student and receipt sent to


Upon acceptance a deposit of 50E will secure your spot which is Non-Refundable.

The 1st installment is on the first day of class of the amount 100E and the 2nd installment on the 5th day of class 150E.  Non-Refundable.

Duration : 10 weekly sessions for 3 hours

*Fees may change without prior notice .

Required Kindle Digital Reading:

1. Acting Class - Take a Seat by Milton Katselas

2. The Oasis of Insanity - The Study and Pursuit of Acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse by Allen Barton.


For more information please contact Ms. Sophie Papadopoulou 6945971127 or at the email

Private Coaching : 1-2-1 or Skype./Zoom

As a private coach, we will focus on your own specific process, situation and growth. This can include:​

  • Your acting

  • Your career goals

  • Your personal tendencies

  • Your specific audition

  • Your challenges with a particular role.

Workshops (TBA)

  • Actors Professional Make-Over 

  • Castings & Auditions : On-Camera Cold Reading/Monologues (Show Reels)

  • The Working Actor 

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