On-going Master Classes & Workshops

Scene Study Classes

Acting Classes are an experience unlike any other classes. They are exciting, passionate and entertaining. Scene Study Classes train each actor in real-person-place, behavior-oriented, moment-to-moment acting work in the tradition of the great American actors. Exercises are kept at a minimum so the Actor can concentrate on discipline, research, high-quality scenes from good scripts whether from plays or movies. Rather than emphasizing any one technique or school of acting thought -such as Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Strasberg “sense memory” etc, the Approach utilizes a down-to-earth appeal which has been developed over 40 years by Milton Katselas. For instance;


  • What events are associated with this story?

  • What is the specific nature of this character?

  • What happened to them before the scene?

  • What would a real person do in this given circumstances?


Different actors have different ways of tackling the craft of acting, and by teaching over 20 different concepts, ideas and techniques that actors can learn and utilize to master whatever challenges faces them, whether from the nature of the role or the nature of the project. The result is an actor who can deliver a rich, believable performance no matter the circumstances, from film shoots and television where there is little or no rehearsal, to the theatre projects where there are weeks of rehearsal, to the very audition that gets these jobs.

The students are instructed through the unique, down-to-earth, non-theoretical three pronged Approach:Acting, Attitude, and Administration.

The Orientation - Beginners Acting Class
The Orientation Acting Class is catered to New Actors of any age. This includes students with zero experience to those who may have a college degree in theater, to students who may have experience in another profession and even to those who have an entire career behind them and are looking at pursuing a dormant dream of Acting. Acting is not about being a beginner or not, but about what you have within you to say, and using your powers of observation to tell that story in an authentic manner. Since the Acting classes are on-going, you will be given a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the class.

The Intermediate/ Advanced Class
The Intermediate/Advanced Acting Class are for Actors and Directors who have more professional experience and who want to experiment and expand their craft with further training and experience. Since the acting classes are on-going, you will be given a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the class. 

On-going Classes at the Michael Cacoyianni Foundation in Athens, Greece since 2011 - Beginning October - June .


Class language: English with conversational Greek if required and taught by Sophie Papadopoulos.

Required Reading: "Acting Class - Take a Seat" and "Dreams into Action" by Milton Katselas (included in the participation fees and offered to all the participants).

Private Coaching - in Person or Skype.

  • Acting Technique

  • Actors Professional Make-Over 

  • Castings & Auditions : On-Camera Cold Reading/Monologues (Show Reels)O

  • The Working Actor 

Workshops (TBA)

  • Actors Professional Make-Over 

  • Castings & Auditions : On-Camera Cold Reading/Monologues (Show Reels)

  • The Working Actor