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Au Revoir


A sixty year old man leaves from the bar "Au Revoir" that he frequents regularly on Christmas Eve wearing accidentally someone else’s jacket, which is similar to his. When the mobile phone rings from the stranger’s jacket, he answers without saying he’s not the owner of the phone. As he turns the phone off, he makes a decision about himself and for the anonymous caller.



Directed & Written: Dimitris Stratakis

Produced: Sophie Papadopoulos, Wonderspot Media, Dimitris Stratakis.

Performance: Michalis Athanasiadis, Kostas Karvouniaris, Anais Karayianni, Rena Kyprioti

Director of Photography: Giorgos Chrisafakis

Editing: Anna-Maria Lyri

Sound: Panagiotis Kiriakopoulos

Sound mix: Vasilis Podalas

Make-up: Eleftheria Mihailidis

Costume design: Nefeli Steirou








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