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Actors Studio

master classes & workshops

​IWA (Internatinal Workshop for Actors) has been created by Sophie Papadopoulos since 2007, to service the growing need for the latest in professional development serving actors and their industry.


The aim of IWA is to instill a sense of professionalism while allowing the actor to grow creatively. This develops a strong independent and free-spirited artist in charge of themselves and their craft within a safe and encouraging environment.


IWA is defined for the "Serious Artist” who is always pushing personal boundaries to expand their capabilities and to extend the knowledge of their craft.  In this way, the actor is continually grooming their craft to ensure a career of longevity and mastery.


IWA also serves as a platform to dedicated professional actors from around the world to come together in a  common vision and draw on each other’s experiences.


IWA is creating powerful relationships internationally that expand your opportunities by networking with Actors and Professionals from the entertainment industry.


IWA has an exclusive affiliation with the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles, one of the most prestigious and well respected acting school in Hollywood.  The BHP was founded by the renowned Milton Katselas, a Greek American whose work as both Director and Teacher helped  theater and film Artists achieve their dreams for many decades.  The Beverly Hills Playhouse has been training actors for over forty years.  Its approach to both the craft and career of acting has benefited actors such as: George Clooney, Michelle Pfeifer, Alec Baldwin, James Cromwell, Patrick Swayze, Jim Carrey, Kate Hudson, Giovanni Ribisi, to name just a few. 


Why Train?

  • You need to know what you're doing.  You need to be trained. You need to study.

  • Actors need a group, other actors, to best maintain your skills and develop them, even while working professionally.

  • The pursuit of excellence and your personal expansion as an artist are life-time endeavors.

  • Actor - successful, passionate and working!


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