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Past Events

Since 2007, IWA has been hosting a variety of events, workshops, conferences, book launch, seminars, and festivals collaborating with wonderful people and professionals from Athens, Prague, London,  Toronto and Los Angeles who co-operate with us on a regular basis by informing us about the fast and ever challenging industry of entertainment


London Greek Film Festival @ Michael Cacoyianni Foundation Event 
BH Playhouse

The "Best of the Best" celebrating 5 years of the London Greek Film Festival (LGFF) at the Michael Cacoyianni Foundation in Athens November 2012.  In December 2013 we celebrated the years winners. It was a great opportunity to honor Greek Talent in Film-making. Congratulations to all!  


"Sophie Papadopoulos has been a Jury memember since 2009, I really appreciate her professionalism, responsibility and commitment to being a Juror. Her contribution to our festival is  voluntary and she is enthusiastic, creative and very helpful. Sophie is very committed to promoting and supporting the Greek filmmakers and industry; as a producer and acting coach, she is offering her skills, experience and insight."


Christos Prossylis - London Greek Film Festival Director

Film/Theatre Director, Writer, New Media Artist


Gary Grossman is a 22 year member of the BHP, and is currently Producing Director for the school, a member of its teaching staff, and Artistic Director for the Katselas Theatre Company. He has produced over 200 stage plays, including over 50 world premieres.  


"The Beverly Hills Playhouse, one of Los Angeles oldest and most respected acting schools had been looking to branch out internationally, upon meeting Sophie Papadopoulos and learning about IWA, we discovered how much we share. This past March (2010) the BHP partnered with IWA to host a week long workshop in Los Angeles with Greek actors. It was such a huge success that more are being planned and I can't say enough of how professional Sophie and IWA are. The BHP has most definitely found an international partner in had always been a dream of Milton's to go to Greece, teach and to have actors travel back and forth...Last week that dream became a reality.With the help of a good friend of Milton's and mine, Sophie Papadopoulos."


Gary Grossman -  Producing Director at BHP.


The Los Angeles based Acting Coach Bernard Hiller did a series of Acting Workshops in Athens.  

September 2007, February 2008,  and July 2008. 


"I have been in show business in New York and in Hollywood for over 33 years and I have never met anyone more professional than Sophie Papadopoulos. Her skills as a producer and organizer is beyond compare. I always look forward to working with her."


Bernard Hiller 


Nancy Bishop Casting Director did Casting Workshops in Athens 2007 and 2009.  She also launched her Book "Casting Coach".

"Sophie Papadopoulos is dedicated to elevating the level of professionalism for actors in Greece, making them more appealing for an international market. I appreciate working with her because she is organized and offers that generous Greek hospitality that makes the experience of teaching in Athens so pleasant."


Nancy Bishop 

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