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Talent Management 

personal and professional development

Sophie Papadopoulos is an Acting Coach and Certified Life Coach who often acts as a human mirror for individuals by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives, teaching specific insights and skills to empower the Actor and Creative Professional toward their goals. Together evolving and modifying the plan to best suit the Individuals needs for achievement.


She often says: “Talent is not enough, how you manage your Talent and your Life is the ultimate success!”

Actors need to learn the skills set to navigating their career; from applying realistic goals, creating a networking for opportunities, and to finding ways to incorporate the challenges of an acting career into their busy lives and be successful.

What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching has the ability to remove all the unnecessary obstacles in your life that limit you from achieving your personal success! It's a process of self-development which is aimed at individuals who have a healthy disposition and that are ready to take responsibility for their life by helping them bridge the happiness between the lives they are living and with the life they desire to live.


What does a Life Coach do?


Listens! Without judgments and who will give you their opinion and experiences to try to discover the real problem that troubles you and helps you find your true desires. The major focus of the Life Coach is to bring happiness in the life of the individual now and not in a long-tem unreachable future. In other words, the good coach will boost your confidence to make sure you feel good about yourself and to see your positive attributes in any problem you may find yourself in. A Life Coach is not a psychologist and will never focus on the psychological neurosis by examining the past instead will be concerned about today and tomorrow which will encourage actions and change.


What will I do?


As a Certified Life Coach I may use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussions to help you identify personal and/or business and/or social goals and develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals. I do not focus on examining nor diagnosing the past, mental illness or dysfunction instead I focus on effecting change in current and future behavior.


I apply mentoring, values assessment; behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal setting and other techniques as NLP and CBT in helping individuals achieve success and acquire their desired Life.


Member Association for Coaching

Certified Healer/Chakra Technician 

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