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To speak in public, you need to engage and capture your audience by being fully captivating as a person who is passionate, present and professional. In other words - You need to be a performer!


As a Certified Life Coach, Sophie Papadopoulos is an Actor and Acting Teacher who has created the SPK Method as a  personalized solution to help you perform at your peak. She successfully employs acting techniques in her one-to-one performance coaching for business executives, leaders and other professionals to tap into your most powerful instrument – yourself – to communicate with confidence, impact and influence.  You will learn to apply theater-inspired techniques and tools to all your professional communications .  


Do you have an important interview, speech, presentation, political campaign, book tour, awards ceremonies or media appearance coming up? You will need to be dynamic, persuasive and engaging while able to speak with confidence to making a lasting impression.  An honest and unbiased opinion of your professional presence  and communication skills is vital. Sophie Papapopoulos will work with you in confidential constructive criticism for significate improvement by focusing on your strengths, while mastering performance-based techniques in becoming the type of communicator who can influence and change the feeling in any room and allow an amazing impression to last.

Setting the 'Stage' for your success! 

Sophie Papadopoulos

Life Coach S.A.C Dip.Adv.

Member Association for Coaching

Certified Healer/Chakra Technician The Brofman Foundation

free consultation (30min)

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