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On-Set Acting Coach 

Film & TV productions for Professional Actors and Non-Actors.

Sophie can be employed by a production company or individual as an On-Set Acting Coach tailoring entirely to the  production company's needs or individual’s needs and the situation in which they are filming.

She may assist in areas such as:

  • The actor is changing from a theatre background to a film or television role.

  • The actor is changing from another profession to acting (sports personality, presenter, musician, model, etc)

  • The actor wants the support of someone during the filming process.

  • The actor is on their first job

  • A challenging script

  • A very emotional scene

  • The needs of the scene are beyond the actor’s comfort zone.

  • The actor needs a dialectic coach for a role that requires a standard American accent.

  • Real People & Street Coaching (non-actors)

For more information please contact Sophie Papadopoulos

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