RantsOnActing article 


by Sophie Papadopoulos Acting & Life coach

November 13, 2015


Many Actors dream and desire an International Career.

However, they must also be aware and know that the demands for this are large and the competition is strong. The actor’s image, their networking, and their talent are all important and interconnected.

The actor’s image for starters; from their Headshots, CV, Show reel, Website, Facebook page, etc must cater and satisfy international standards. The entertainment industry moves so quickly and a professional actor must follow and develop at the same speed.

Further, in showbiz your networking of who you know and who knows you is vital but it’s not enough to have a career. What you need the most is to be able to handle these relationships with humility, enthusiasm and professionalism.


So how do you manage your Talent?

I have good news, and I have bad news about your Talent. The good news is that you are all talented actors! The bad news is that you are all talented actors! What I want to say is that talent alone is not enough. Let’s take it from the beginning. You have just finished or you will be finishing a Drama School and you are at the beginning of your career. You learned all about the craft and technique of acting, and have developed skills but in no case are you a Master of your craft because that will take a life time. Don’t focus on being a star over-night, instead focus on working constantly – with consistency and professionalism. For starters, you must first remember that you need to be humble – now and forever. Second, you need to have a clear vision of yourself and the path you are willing to take. Third, you have to believe it! What you expect you will get from your career is exactly what you will get! Everything starts and finishes with you.

Many actors begin their career without a road-map. They begin with the hope that their road-map will be easy. REALITY CHECK! Your road- map may have paths with small and big bumps, there could be a lot of traffic – competition, or the red traffic light is on for a long time. Imagine if you knew where you were going too? In other words, when you know where you are going – your career – and have anticipated how long it may take you, what may occur along the way because of delays, but knowing you will eventually get there, then your road-path is manageable and doable in accordance to your personal vision.


You must today – without postponing, answer the following questions:

How do you see yourself and your career?
Do you have a personal strategy for your career?
Do you understand the specifics of your industry and how you will manage it?
Do you know the “players”?
Do you know how to present yourself in the most professional way?
Do you know your mission?

All these questions must be answered and you must be honest with yourself. Everything has to do with you. I have heard fellow actors blame others. For instance; It’s my mother’s fault, My friends won’t let me, Greece won’t give me any opportunities, and when I ask them what are your goals – SILENCE. They have not even thought about that! Then I understand, it’s much easier to blame others – but the truth is, it’s their own doing.

Let me tell you about Hillary Swank, who has won 2 Oscars for Best Actress. Her first, was for Boys Don’t Cry in 1999 and for Million Dollar Baby in 2005. She grew up in a trailer and when she first went to LA she slept in her car with her mother and took odd jobs to help her get by.
Madonna has a similar story, she went to New York and was going from audition to audition eating food from garbage bins and living in a flat with rats.

What do you think these two woman have in common?


Passion for their profession?

Unbelievable energy?

Above all – the choice to live the life they were born to live.